Welcome to the Adventuring World of Silvertide!

After years of badgering by various adventuring groups and finally overcoming my absolute hatred of sitting at a desk, what I have finally done is pen your guide to the lands of Silvertide. Peruse at your peril, for within are things of which most can only dream’ more byways and dangers than ye might learn in a lifetime of travels. It is my dream that more adventurers were so well informed as they venture into realms wild and strange – for if they were, perhaps more might return to tell their own tales.
I am called Malruhn, and in the Elven tongue it means Dark Blade. I am known as Lord Ranger of the Golden Sunrise to some, Nightwalker to others. My other titles are myriad, and some include Elf-Friend, Dwarf-Cousin, Dragon Slayer, Slayer of the Mirrored Demon and Slayer of his Dearest Friend. I have been blessed and cursed by magic with an unnaturally long life – having seen many generations of dear friends be born to only wither-and die like flowers – and I have had the opportunity to travel these Lands to seek out adventure and find both new and old stories. I have seen much, and have decided to record these journeys before some whim of fate takes my life before others might share in what I have seen
This work will speak of rolling street fights in Stormhaven, the simple folk of Bloodpool, the mighty Paludan seafarers and the learned sages of Ankala. Heed my tales of old magic in forgotten tombs or marked by effigies. Beware old, poisoned claws that reach from the shadows, and proudly sneering courtiers in gaudy finery whose honeyed tongues and sly plots are colder and more perilous than steely talons. Hear tell of wild places where dragons are seen and ruins that only adventurers are fool enough to visit. ‘Ware the places haunted by fell beasts such as beholders, gargoyles and oozing things made of eyes and tentacles that ever lurk… and hunger.
HOLD and listen well! If ye remember only one thing, remember this: Silvertide needs her heroes.
I am one such to some, though I am old and have even greater girth than I did as a youth, I have behind me a heap of bloody, bitter mistakes, high enough to bury some smaller nations. Your sword must flash beside mine, and your spells must bolster the fading brawn of my flesh, for Skonsa faces new, rising dangers that I cannot face alone. Our homelands stand in worse peril now than ever before. Evils from bygone ages stir or have returned, looming like storm clouds over darkened hills. Who can see who shall rise over it all? Even the savants of Thalaria who are privy to ancient prophecies cannot know.
It must be ye, if your weapons and spells are ready, and your heart be bold. Silvertide needs ye, lest we fall unguarded to the dangers that surround us.
Adventurer, I am Malruhn, and I say that these lands are yours to discover, reforged and defend – yours to make anew in winning your own laurels. Go forth and take up arms against the perils that beset us!

Malruhn of Stormhaven

In the 45th year of the Darkened Fall

The Known World of Silvertide